100 Monologues


100 Monologues


CATEGORY: Webseries (ongoing)

100 Monologues is devoted to monologues written by playwright Eric Bogosian featured in theatrical productions between 1980 and 2006. Eric Bogosian originally performed these monologues as segments of Off-Broadway solos directed by Jo Bonney. In 2013, he asked friends if they would each take on a monologue to video. For a new video each week, please visit www.100monologues.com. Here is a sample of five of the pieces:

  • Peter Dinklage - 100. Poem
  • Winona Ryder - 24. The Pacer
  • Ethan Hawke - 17. In The Dark
  • Michael Shannon - 33. Godhead
  • John Racioppo - 9. New Action Army

DIRECTOR & WRITER: Eric Bogosian

CINEMATOGRAPHERS: Shawn Sagady, Cory Zapatka, Mike Latino, Albert Tholen

EDITORS: Travis Bogosian, Cory Zapatka